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it is a older model with a non aanj neck, the neck is rosewood . It has one ding that was painted and clear coated, the color is a bit off but the refinish is great, i didn't even notice the ding until i got it home and was cleaning it the picture makes it a bit more noticable than it really is . The frets have a little wear but still have plenty of life and there are no dead spots or high frets. It has a purple air norton in the neck, and the stock middle and bridge, i never got around to changing them, i will include the neck v7. Comes with hardshell case the one pictured is a prestige but the one that i am selling with it is a red lined universal rg/strat guitar case it fits the guitar but it is not fitted to the guitar, it isn't plastic though, it is wood and is probably more sturdy than the ibanez case. If you really want the ibanez case i may part with it but it will be a little extra. no whammy bar, and it does come with the back spring cover i just didn't have it put on at the time of the pictures.

if you are interested i will send you some more pictures pictures, just p.m. me .

ASKING PRICE: 500 or best offer, please do send me offers, i may be able to work a little on price, read below as well for possible trades

i am selling because i want a peavey xxx or 5150, would trade this and some cash for either. max amount of cash out on my part would be 150, unitl futher notice, i just need some time to make a little more.

i will take money order or paypal, preffer money order though.

i am in san angelo tx 76901

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