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This is a Jem style replacement guitar body, that I purchased last year in hopes of starting another guitar project. It is a Nate Perle swirl.

Haven't really gotten around to it and this body isn't going to be used any time soon. So I figured I'd throw it up here for sale. Guitar wood is poplar, and has been done in the style of an Ibanez Jem body. It has the Monkey Grip, Lion's Claw routing and is for HSH(humbucker-single-humbucker). It works with the newer style Ibanez AANJ(All Access Neck Joint) necks. This will not fit a square heel Ibanez guitar. It's also made to work with Mid to Higher priced Ibanez necks(i.e. RG450 to Jem), I did have a RG350 neck on it, just to see how it would line up and it does work.

The Swirl paint job consists of Orange, Yellow and some Red. It has been clear coated and polished. This body would make a great project or as a replacement for a body that has been damaged.

I'm asking $250 or best offer.

Thanks for looking,

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