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FS: Pair of Pink PAF Pro's, Jem Body blank

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Good evening everyone,

I am still unloading a few things here as I make room for some new things:

First up I have a Jaden Rose made square heel jem 777 body. It is still unfinished, and straight from Jaden (it has sat in the box for the past couple of months as I have been busy with other ventures and not been able to gather the rest of what i would need for a full build).
The body is made of basswood, is front routed 777-style, the square heel neck joint fit perfectly with the Jem77FP neck I was going to use it with, but I have since sold the neck to Uberthrall here on Jemsite. No nicks or cuts. As mentioned above it is straight from Jaden and is unfinished, with no paint or stains applied whatsoever.
Pictures: http://m706.photobucket.com/albums/timlachance/jem body blank/?src=www
I'd like to get $140 for it, with the buyer paying shipping ($10-$15 I would guess?).

A pair of Pink PAF Pros that have never been used. Long leads and bright (color-wise) as can be. These were for the build I was going to do, but plans have since changed, so they're up for sale as well. I would like to get $110 for the pair of them + $5 for shipping.

If anyone is interested in buying both the body and the pickups then I will offer them together for $235 plus the $10-$15 shipping cost for continental US.

At this point I would like to keep them in the Continental US, I will update the ad if I decide to branch out further.


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Are the pickups new or used? Can you post pictures of them?
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