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FS : Peavey xxl head

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Item for sale:peavey xxl head

Description & Condition:well like the title says i have a peavey xxl head for sale. It is less than a year old and in near perfect shape. There was a little white scuff mark on one of the metal corners, but a black sharpie took care of that. Comes with owners manual and footswitch

Asking Price: would like 350 plus shipping . That isn't set in stone though

My Location: san angelo tx 76901

Terms of Sale/Purchase: would like money order. Would take paypal .

Other Information: think anyone that has one or has played one would agree that this is one of the most tube sounding solid state amps you can buy. It is extermly versital, it has 3 channles with 3 different voicings for each channle and it also has the dampaning switch which means you have 27 different sound options , 9 clean sounds and 21 distortion.

The eq for the ultra channle is active, it can be dialed in extermly well, and the other channles are standard eq but they are very very versital and easliy set up as well.

I really really hope i dont regret selling this, it is an amazing amp, and a super excellent vaule. i am looking to go up to a high end tube combo though.

I have plenty of clips of the amp and if you want some pm me. If you'd like to know how it sounds one way or another i will be more than happy to make a new clip.

. It will ship in the original box. I payed 561.82 for it new.

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one thing i forgot to metion, i will consider trades on 2x12 tube combos, i have 250 cash to play with on top of the xxl
this is a clip i just uploaded.


i used an ibanez rgt42 with d-sonic for this clip

here is a clean clip i recorded.


price drop 325 plus shipping
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i'm not a potential buyer but i wanted to let you know the links for the clips above aren't working. good luck in your sale
final price drop before the bay . 300 plus shipping . More clips will be up in a few hours.
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