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All prices include shipping inside the US, will ship outside US but buyer pays all shipping - pics available upon request

ISP G-string Decimator - rarely used, excellent condition - $160

Ibanez TS9 - used but in very good condition - $50

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus, includes 18v adapter (this is one of the early ones with metal chasis, not newer plastic) - FANTASTIC sounding Chorus -used but in very good cosmetic condition - $65

Rocktron Gainiac Distortion pedal - made in mid 90s, metal chassis and footswitch. Great sounding pedal, ESP for that mid 90's scooped tone. Missing cover to battery compartment -$50

Boss MT2 metal zone - cosmetically good, works perfectly - $45

Boss HM2 Heavy Metal - get your Swedish death metal here - cosmetically good, all knobs intact, works perfectly - $45

Rocktron HUSH noise reduction unit half-rack space - I've had this since the mid 90's - cosmetically good, functions perfectly - $45
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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