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Hello everyone, been a while. Got a couple excess pedals.

Zvex Johnny Octave - $200 Octave up/fuzzyness (Coolest looking pedal ever)

Fulltone Supa Trem - $140 Sweet, tasty, tremolo.

HBE Homebrew Electronics Uno Mos - $70 Mosfet preamp boost up to 30db clean boost

Boss DD-3 - $70 Digital Delay. A classic.

MXR Phase 100 - $75 Classic phaser, way better than Phase 90 IMO. And I pimped this out with a bright blue LED.

I just took pictures for all of these so if I don't add links here later just ask and I'll send them to you asap.

I'm located in SoCal. As for shipping generally I'll add 10 bux for shipping to the pedals.. but it depends on the pedal. We could just work totals out one on one.

Please email me at [email protected], PM me, or post here with any and all questions and concerns. (Written in order I prefer)

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