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I need to clean out some pickups, here's what I've got:

Almost new DiMarzio Evo2, F-Spaced, Black, in DiMarzio jewel box, $55 shipped in the lower 48, others can contact me.

Bill Lawrence (Bill and Becky) L500-XL, VG+, no coil split, black with black surround, older model, sounds great, $50 shipped in lower 48...

Bill Lawrence (B&B) L500-C, VG+, the cleanest sounding model, works best in the neck, black with black surround, sounds almost like a single coil, very bright, $45 shipped in the lower 48...

(2) Ibanez V7 neck pickups from RGs, VG condition, black, $25 each shipped in lower 48.

(2) Ibanez V8 bridge pickups from RGs, VG, black, $25 each shipped in lower 48.

Buy a set of the Ibanez pickups (1 V7 and 1 V8) for $45 shipped in the lower 48.

Paypal, MOs, Checks, whatever.

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