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FS Pickups, Speakers, More, Lundgren, Celestion, Dimarzio, EV, Lace, EMG, etc...

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I have WAY too much gear and I don't want to move it all again so I'm looking to sell a lot of stuff.

3 8 ohm Celestion Centuries w neodymium magnets $150 each

4 EV 8 ohm Series II 12Ls $125 each

4 8 ohm Celestion Century Vintages w neodymium magnets $100 each

2 16 ohm Vox Neodogs (rebranded Celestion Century Vintages) $90 each

4 8 ohm Celestion Vintage 30s $60 each

8 8 ohm Celestion Seventy 80s, large magnet and badge variety you can't buy anymore that sound just like a G12K-100 steal at $40 each but no one seems to know these exist so...

Pair/set of handwound Sheptone PAFs with nickel covers with wooden box $175 for the set

2 Lundgren M6 bridge $135 each

Lundgren M6 neck $135

Rio Grande Crunch Box with rare distressed nickel cover $115

Lace Drop and Gain Bridge new in box $80

Dimarzio Evolution 7 new in box $50

Dimarzio Evolution neck $40

Dimarzio Liquifire $40

Dimarzio Crunch Lab $40

Dimarzio D-Sonic $40

EMG H $40

EMG HZ 5 string bass set $35 each/$60 set

Ibanez V7/V8 set $40 for the set

I also have a ton of stock pickups that I pulled out of guitars, single coils and humbuckers. If you're like trying to learn to wind pickups or something and want some, I will include some free with any purchase.

All of this stuff is currently located in St. Louis and these are the cash and carry prices. If you want anything shipped, you need to pay for shipping but I have a FedEx account and so shipping won't be too bad.

I have 6 4x12 cabinets if you want any of the speakers loaded into cabinets but will not ship those. You would have to pick up in person in St. Louis.

My PMs tend to fill up quickly on here as my mailbox size is limited. You may have better luck emailing me:

rich AT richhorner DOT com

Thanks for reading
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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