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The POD comes with the carrying case, power supply and pilot's manual. I also have a Little Alligator Volume pedal.

Description & Condition: The POD works 100%, no problems at all, cosmetically it's an 8.5-9 out of 10 (no scratches or anything, pics on demand of the items of course!). The Little Alligator just came out of the box (well, plastic thingie it comes it, you know?) and it works just fine, it's brand new, only the part of the pedal above the "MORLEY" logo seems to not be there! It's the grip part of the pedal, it's fine under the logo on the larger part of the pedal, but on the top it's missing. I bought it so long ago I can't take it back anymore, but functionally it's perfect.

Asking Price: POD - $150 shipped in the US, Little Alligator $50 shipped in the US.

My Location: I'm in Massachusetts.

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I take Paypal and money orders.

Other Information: That's it! Thanks.
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