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Sorry, here's the info:
Item for sale: RG 517 (japan) that I refinished a burnt stained brownish mahogany. It has an Edge bridge (with no bar) and I installed a Fred (new) in the bridge position and a Paf Pro (new) in the neck position.

I also have a dimarzio Tone Zone (non F spaced) that I took out of one of my strats a couple of years ago and a new HS 2 single coil that I was going to put in the RG but didn't get to it.

Description Condition: The original finish was completely stripped off and the basswood body was burnt with a heat gun and stained a dark mahogany color.
the neck is great (the reason I bought it in the first place) The wiring is not where it needs to be. This was my first attempt so it was a learning process. The FRED works great but I never could get the PAF Pro wired correctly or something is wrong with the PUP. I don't really know. The original humbuckers will be included (H7 and H8). Email me if you have questions about it. I do not have a case or gig bag.

Asking Price: For the guitar/Fred/Paf Pro/original pups/extra dimarzio 24 pin switch I'm asking 400.00

For the tone zone and the HS2 single, I'm asking 30.00 each.

My Location: Louisville KY
terms of sale/purchase: Sold as is. I prefer money order since I don't know how to do the pay pal thing.

Other info: pictures are located at http://homepage.mac.com/philjohnston1

let me know if you have questions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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