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Only 500 made. This will be a small project to get it going but its an awesome, light, resonant basswood guitar and a piece of Ibanez history.

View Album, http://s1272.photobucket.com/user/gauchosilvertone/library/1996 RG517
1996 Japanese RG 517. Same as 570 but in a green sparkle finish.

Structurally sound. No nut cracks or cracks of any kind.

As is- here are the notables:

No pickups, pots, or caps included. Ground wire and wire from input jack still attached.

Original metal flat mounting rings are gone, now has black plastic tilted mounting rings.

Many screws not original. Missing a few.

No bar.

One of the bolts that goes into the back of the locking but is missing.

The two pressure pad screws shown may not be original. I will include a third pad and screw which will not be original.

No strap buttons.

Spring claw plate not original. Has some random letters scratched into it.

All original hardware except what's mentioned above. That means original Edge trem.

Super Wizard neck- my favorite. Maple with bubinga stripe. Slightly wider and a good deal flatter than the Original Wizard

All dings pictured, but this sparkle finish hides them remarkably. They were very tough to photograph and even hard to spot even in person.

$250 Shipped in the lower 48.

Will consider int'l shipping but you will have to REALLY make it worth my while and pay what will seem an unreasonable amount for my trouble. Just saying.
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