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So ya i might be neting my self a pimp as ride! 1994 bmw 3 series. Anyway this godam car is putting me back a few grand and my dads bitching away about paying back so im letting all these goods go.
Ibanez Rg 550 DY Costom.
i think 1989. Dessert yellow, not faded at all. white knobs switchs and pickups. Stock neck and middle pickup and Duncan's JB bridge. Original Edge. Sick guitar but being so old there is a lot of small dings and nicks here and there, nothing that effects the playibility of this at all tho.
Asking :420.
This one is intresting, my dad bought this for me TWO WEEKS AGO from guitar center for my guitar class. This thing is NEW. i thikn he paid something like 460 for it. i hand picked it out of 5 other AE30s and i picked this one because of its killer flame top and the arched quilted back. Comes with ALL the tags and life time warranty. This is like buying it new from guitar center but saving tha money.
asking: 330.
Randall G2 Series 200 watt amp head.
so ya 200 watt amp head for sale by Randall. This is a gr8 amp for metal, shred, blues or any sound you been looking for. The model is RH200SC (stereo chorus). This is not the 200 watt RH200 hat musician's friend sells for for 300some dollars. The stero chorus is a much better head that cost much more has bone crushing randall tone that randall is known for. This Amp is in Near mint condition cpt foor one ding on the top edge when i drop one of my pedals and it stright up scratched it (lol). but other than that this baby is pretty much mint.
Comes with all chords and foot pedal in mint condition. Boxed in original box.
boss super phaser PH-2.
in good condition with a few scratchs and small paint chips on it. but if you know boss they build their pedals like tanks and this is no exception. think i bought this with something like 50 dollars from a friend and he bought it 80 bux new. but ill let it go for 30.
Boss Fz-3 Fuzz pedal!
This is a rare one, ever got sick and tired of DS and Tubescreamers and simply want something completely different? this is a vintage pedal that isn't around anymore which is sad because they are by far one of my favorite fuzz pedal. This creates great metal sound for sure. You can research them your self, they sold for 100 street price when they were still around. Nowadays the only place i can find them by googleing is selling this for 200 $ firm! thats insane, get my vintage pedal in EXlent+ conidtion for less than a third of that!
asking, 65.

im simply posting to see if anyone will be intrested, i will have ALL the picture of all these things up tomorow, FIRM. Paypal is perfered and buyer must pay shipping. THX.
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