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Hi All,

Have a project here that was great but have since used the neck and trem for other things. It's a RG1620 with EMG 89's in the neck and bridge.

Was professionally wired with the 5 way selector set at:
1 - Neck Humbucker
2 - Neck Single
3 - Neck and Bridge Single(s)
4 - Bridge Single
5 - Bridge Humbucker

toggle switch is an EMG Afterburner for extra output (which is great i must say)

Body is pristine and is ready to go - and comes with all the functional electronics, covers (some with original plastic), knobs and strap holders (in cosmo) trem posts and claw- so only need the trem and a neck.

Looking for £260 - international shipping fine

Here are pics:


let me know if you need anything further....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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