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Fs: RG320FM-TL

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Item for sale: Ibanez RG320FM-TL, EdgeIII

Description & Condition: New. One month old.

Asking Price: $400 US (offers considered I guess)

My Location: K-W, Ontario, Canada

Terms of Sale/Purchase: You pay, you play.

Other Information: So here's the story: I bought this guitar totally new just under a month ago with the intention of keeping the neck for my RG1570 body (also for sale!) and selling the rest of the bits off. For various reasons, I've done a complete 180 on this concept, and am now selling off a fair amount of my gear, including this guitar in it's entirety.
This guitar is in excellent condition, as you'd expect. Still has plastic on the pickups, cavity covers and truss rod cover! It will need the pickups resoldered, though, as I had removed them for sale. I don't even have a soldering iron handy to do it myself... So if you're handy with a soldering iron, here's a good deal on a new guitar for you! Includes decent gig bag.

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i am not trying to be a prick or tell you what you should get for your stuff, but 400 is a little high, i have seen them sell for 299 new .
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