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FS: RG520 Natural Mahogany

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2000 RG520NM "Natural Mahogany"

Originally a RG520QS but I removed the sapelle top and refinished in tung oil. Guitar is in mint condition (besides being refinished). Has powder cosmo hardware (original Edge) in perfect condition. Neck is a Wizard II with bubinga stripe that matches the body color exactly , no fretwear. Pickups have been swapped for an Air Norton(neck) and a Tonezone(bridge) this guitar sounds incredible. I will include the original pickups V7&V8 and Dimarzio cliplock strap. Guitar will ship in a early 90's tolex RG case. Asking $400 + shipping.

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Any intrest in the parts?
if i can sell an amp head that is on THAT site and you decide to part the guitar out, i would be interested in the air norton for a reasonable price.
how much for the neck?
I would really like to sell the guitar out right.....How does $400 shipped sound?

If there is enough interest in the parts:
$120 for the neck + screws+ locknut and tuners.
$120 for the body + control/trem covers.
$ 75 for the Edge + bar
$ 80 for the pickups + harness(or $40 each)

I will take paypal if you pay the fees.


I Sent you a reply.

Neck and trem on-hold pending payment. Thanks Jeremy.

Body and pickups still available.
Body $100
Fspaced Tonezone and Fspaced Air Norton Pickups $40 each
V7 & V8 pickups $20 for both
Late 80's early 90's tolex Ibanez hardshell (used but completely functional) $30

Shipping will be calculated to your actual address. Send me your zip and I calculate it.

V7 and V8 pickups on hold pending payment. Thanks RG 76.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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