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FS; RG570EXCPK (w/Evos) and RG421BK (W/Tz-An)

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Items for sale -

Ibanez RG 570EXCPK with DiMarzio Evolution neck and bridge pups. This is a silver guitar with shark teeth inlays, it looks very similar to the 770s. The year of production is 2000 and it has been very well looked after. Please E mail for pictures. It comes with the OFHC and tremolo bar.

Asking price - £500.

Ibanez RG421BK hardtail with Dimarzio ToneZone (bridge) and Air Norton (neck) pups. This guitar is an '02 model and has also been very looked after. It comes with a histox hard shelled case.

Asking price - £400

My location is Exeter Devon in the South West of England.

A little bit more info on the axes. Both of these were brought new the 570 from Mansons guitar shop and I for the 421 imported from America. Both has there pups changed at Manons and they have regularly been back there for their six monthly setups. Both are strung (and set up) for guage nine strings.

Please E email me for pictures....

[email protected]

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Okay how about £400 for the 570 and £300 for the 421?
Very interested in the RG421, I would love a 2nd one for my collection!
The decay you have some pics coming your way.
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