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Item for sale: Rivera TBR-2SL Rackmounted Guitar Amp
Description & Condition: Excellent
Asking Price: $1200 Shipped OBO
My Location: Denver, CO
Terms of Sale/Purchase: PayPal, US Postal Money Order, Cashier's Check

Other Information:

Up for grabs is a fairly rare Rivera TBR-2SL rackmounted guitar amplifier. This is the "SL" version (Super Lead) which just SMOKES with tone!

The TBR series represents Paul Rivera's first venture into making his own line of amps. He was head-engineer for Fender throughout the 80's. The TBR amps were made-to-order and were NOT cheap. A comparable amp today would cost well over $3000, IF you could even get Rivera to make you one.

This amp is loaded with killer features that make it an ideal choice for just about ANY type of music. It's a 4-space rackmounted power/preamp combo that is stereo with a whopping 160Watts per side.

The amp is in great shape with only the normal rack wear on the outer casing. I had sent this amp back to Rivera early in 2004 for a tune-up. $280 later it came back to me sounding like a brand new amp! This thing is PERFECT! It's loaded with a new set of JJ tubes with about an hour of playing time on them.

NOTE: This is one of the early TBR-2SLs and is outfitted with (8) EL-34 power tubes. This amp is 120W/side as opposed to the later models which had (8) 6550 power tubes (160W/side).

TBR-2SL Manual: http://www.rivera.com/Rivera/details/rivera.tbrmanual.html

Some features:

-240Watts All-tube power (Stereo: 120W/side)
-(8) EL34 power tubes
-P-COMP pickup compensation
-3-button footswitch: controls channel, FX loop & reverb
-(2) Push/pull gain boost stages on the Lead Channel
-TONS of other features that can be viewed in the manual at the above link!


E-mail me if you need pics: [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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