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Okay, I guess my house cleaning in years past has served me well. Don't have alot to offer at the moment, but here's what I have:
Joe Satriani "Time Machine" tab book #1, contains 13 songs from the double CD release in 1993. Songs are alphabetical and it goes from "All Alone" to "Echo". This is the offical Cherry Lane release in great condition with some minor cover wear. Pull-out poster included. Asking $20.00 shipped.

Young Guitar, Sept 2009, Satriani cover story. Includes DVD with Joe walking through some Chickenfoot riffs. Complete tabs for the following tracks: Dream Theater "The Shattered Fortress", Mr Big "Next Time Around", The Ventures "Walk Don't Run". Paul Gilbert feature for the Mr Big reunion shows in Japan. Several photos of this guitar rig and pedals. Mint condition. $10.00 shipped

Guitar Player Repair Guide by Dan Erlewine, 2nd Edition. Great book with tons of excellent reference materials. $10.00 shipped

DiMarzio clip-lock strap in black. Strap and clips included. I do have the metal washers that fit into the strap. I think I have the mounting screws but need to hunt around to confirm. This is the tradional fabric one in perfect condition. Found it in a drawer and didn't even remember I still had it. $12.00 shipped.

Paypal accepted. Thanks for looking.
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