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I bought this as a back up guitar and have since bought another 7 string (my fourth!) so here it is up for sale. It has seen very little use and is in good condition. There is one ding on the bottom/back edge of the body. Plus the matt finish has worn a little where the picking hand rests (which happens to all matt finish guitars). Aside from this, the guitar is in excellent condition.

These models are becoming increasingly hard to get hold of in the UK. The bat inlay on the fretboard looks fantastic and is really unique. The guitar also plays great (especially the seventh string) due to the extended scale length (26.5").

Here are the specs as listed on the Schecter website:

7-String Electric Guitar
Construction: Bolt-On
Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple
Scale: 26.5
Tuning: B/E/A/D/G/B/E
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 24 X-Jumbo
Inlays: Black Pearl & Bats
Binding: Black
Pickups: EMG-HZ 7-A set
Electronics: Vol/Tone/3-way Switch
Bridge: TOM w/Thru-Body
Tuners: Grover
Hardware: Black

See: http://www.schecterguitars.com/

I have re-set the guitar up ready for the sale, including a full clean up, oiled neck (using Fret Doctor Bore oil from the USA), intonation, action, etc. etc. I used 10-46+56 gauge strings. However, I would be happy to re-set the guitar up for the winning bidder after discussing with them what their preferred specs and styles are.

I've got loads of pics so let me know if you would like to see some or have any other questions.

Location: Norwich, Norfolk, UK

Price: £400



mlirocchi "at" yahoo "dot" co "dot" uk

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I'm now listening to ALL reasonable offers as I would really like to shift this before moving house.

Here are some pics:

Please note that the pictures were taken before I set the guitar up and cleaned the neck/polished the frets, etc, etc.

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