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this is an excellent guitar that has served me well for 3 years, but a botched pickup replacement job has stopped me from being able to play it. I have been meaning to fix it myself, but time has not allowed me, and I just got two new guitars, so I really have no need to fix/play it.

it probably needs new volume and tone pots, so who ever buys it will have to fix it to play it. this is not a very costly fix, so this could be the perfect guitar for someone.

set neck with scalloped heal for easy access
mahogany body and neck
rosewood fretboard with 24 frets and only an inlay at the 12th
USA Duncan pickups, Duncan Distortion (bridge) Duncan '59 (neck)
two volume, one tone with coil tap for both pickups
tone-pros string through body bridge
cream binding around the front of the body, neck, and headstock

I have also installed a DiMarzio clip lock strap system

the guitar's cosmetics and paint job are in wonderful condition

will post pics if requested

I am looking for $350, buyer pays shipping

overall this is a good deal for a $500+ guitar
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