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Limited Edition Music Man Sterling Silo 30 Electric Guitar - TRIP MINT - $500 (NYC)
This is a Limited Edition Sterling Silo 30 by MusicMan. This model/color combo was only made in a very limited run for 1 year (2010) and that's it.

You are looking at an instant collector's item currently selling in Europe for over $1,000 US (~800 Euros). As an example of the limited availability - only 12 of them were shipped to the UK when it was released.

Color is a White Pearl with White Pearl Pickguard and rich Rosewood Neck

This is a FANTASTIC playing guitar in new condition. It's been loved and babied. Kept safe in it's padded gig bag (included of course). Never ever been dropped, dinged, banged, etc. It's barely been played. You are getting a pristine specimen of glorious guitar greatness.

And best of all...this thing ROCKS. It's a player's guitar with the most comfortable neck of any guitar I've ever played. And the sound....AWESOME. But don't take my word for it, check out the vids on YouTube!

The Silo 30 by Music Man is the latest in a line of stylish, unique guitars that are certain to turn heads, both in terms of their sound and their looks. Made of basswood, the guitar is light enough for those long gigs whilst retaining midrange warmth. With a single-single-humbucker pickup configuration and tremolo arm, this guitar is suited to many playing styles.

Based closely on the Music Man Silhouette Special, the gleaming white Silo 30 features a 22-fret maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, a contoured, solid basswood body, a Sterling Vintage trem bridge with sheet-metal saddles, locking tuners in a 4+2 arrangement, and a hum/sing/sing pickup configuration on a pearloid pickguard.

The workmanship on this guitar is impressive. The satin-finished neck has a great feel, the frets are well shaped and polished, and even the nut is rounded off on the corners so it won't nick your fingers. I like the curvaceous five-bolt neck joint, which, along with a deep lower cutaway facilitates access to the upper fretboard.

The Silo 30's combination of pickups provides a variety of sounds that range from round jazz timbres and bluesy wails from the neck pickup to chunky rock tones from the bridge humbucker. In between are lots of other cool sounds, including a middle pickup setting that's great for rhythm playing or twangy Texasstyle blues leads, and those clucky sounding neck-plus-middle and middleplus- bridge combinations that are a benefit of having five pickup settings. The sonic range is roughly equivalent to that of a humbucker loaded Strat, so it was easy to get a broad spectrum of sounds from even a very simple amp like the Victoria Ivy League. The Silo 30 doesn't lose its clarity when you turn down, and the well-voiced Tone control is useful for attaining browner textures when rocking out on a high-gain settings.

Strap Not Included.
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