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Here for sale is a Strat Neck. It is currently on a strat of mine, but obviously it will be taken off if anybody wants it. I dont really want to sell it, but other things need paying for at the moment!

It is a 22 fret maple neck, with a rosewood fretboard. Silver dot inlay markers. The maple neck itself (on the back) has a beautiful tiger/birdseye maple figuring to it. It looks gorgeous, and thats what attracted me to it. It has a lovely super-smooth C-Shape to it, so its alot more chunky than say an Ibanez neck. Tuners will also be included, they are silver 6 in-a-line tuners off of a Japan Strat. The string retainers on the headstock will be included also, as well as the nut. Frets are in lovely condition too.

Asking Price: £60 + say £5 for postage

My Location: UK, so UK only buyers please.

Buyer pays with PAYPAL preferably. I will only take a cheque if I absolutely have to. Bank Transfer is okay too.

Other Information: I have pics here, so PM me for those, and I will send em to your email address. My email address is [email protected] if anyone needs to contact me there.

Gary - The.Godfather
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