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FS: Strat parts, a rack, and a Laney

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First up is a reverse blue-burst body. I'm not sure if it's a Fender or not (if it is, then it's from a Strat Plus), and I'm not sure what type of wood it's made out of (looks to be solid, not plywood) or the type of trem that is on it. I bought this on an impulse because I thought it looked cool, but it's not what I truly want (I really want a solid metallic blue body). It's not perfect as you can see, but it's pretty rad none-the-less. $130 shipped.

Next up is an unidentified red Strat body from the 80s. Looking in the neck pocket, I believe it is some sort of plywood. This comes with everything you see: body, bridge, neck plate/screws, back plate, and loaded pickguard. There is some wear and tear you would expect from being around for 20 or so years. $75 shipped.

Up next is the neck. Made by USACG. Hefty boat contour, lightly flamed maple, reverse CBS headstock, and locking Schaller tuners. The finish feels amazing going up and down the neck: really smooth and not sticky at all. I just bought it here from royd, but I realize that it's not for me (a little too thick, I have small hands). There is one minor problem, which is a crack coming from one of the screw holes. It was perfect when it got to me, but I took it to a luthier and he actually made the crack when screwing it into the body. He compensated me for the mistake, and I'm adjusting the price accordingly. He said it shouldn't make much of a difference once everything is all screwed down. $175 shipped.

Next up for sale is an SKB 4-space Roto Rack. I bought it a while ago when I was using a rack poweramp with my PODxt. Nothing is broken; it works just like it was meant to. $60 shipped.

Last but not least is my Laney Pro Tube Lead. It's the single-channel, 50 watt master volume version. Recently retubed with Groove Tube EL34s in the power amp and Sovtek 12AX7LPS preamp tubes. I also just took it to a tech to give it a thorough test. He cleaned it, replaced a few resistors, and biased it for the new power tubes. I don't have any pics as of right now, but I can take some tomorrow. $375 shipped.

All of these prices are shipped in the CONUS. Anything international will be a little more expensive (quite a bit for the amp though seeing as it is pretty heavy). PayPal is fine if you pay the fees (Price / 1.03 = PayPal total). Money orders and cashiers checks are good too. I have references from here, the bay, and other forums if it makes you feel more safe. I would consider any trades or best offers, but otherwise these are going to the bay in a week.

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Sorry, I forgot about the censorship of the auction site, so I moved the pictures on my webspace. If an admin could edit the post that would be great.

Blue body 2
Blue body 3
Blue body 4
Blue body 5

Red body 2
Red body 3

Neck 2
Neck 3

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Would you do a trade for a Marshal Lead 100 Mosfet head fully shop checked and cleaned for the Laney Head?
Sorry, man, I'm looking for something with tubes :) I'll probably end up getting one of those newfangled Crate Palomino amps.

PS: I meant to say price / .97 = PayPal price. Not being able to edit posts makes things hard some times :p
Red body sold pending payment.
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