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Hi all, i have a finished Jem replacement body for sale. I have called this the Watermelon Swirl, due to its color scheme. Black,Green,Orangish/Pinkish...

Some specs are:
~2 piece Alder body
~Monkey grip, Lions claw trem route, tilted input jack, AANJ
~Will accomodate an Edge or LoPro edge trem
~Cavity covers included

Some of the finishing details:
~Finish Sanded to 220
~sealed with vinyl sanding sealer
~block sanded flat
~White finish
~Swirl paints
~First round of pro 2 part poly clearcoat
~blocksanded flat
~Second round of clearcoat
~Wetsanded from 1000-12000 grits
~Machine buffed/hand polished
I like to mention all this stuff because alot of people dont realise all the hand work that goes into doing a finish the right way...

This will accomodate most RG/Jem parts, and you should be comfortable with making minor adjustments to make the guitar complete! Please feel free to PM with any specific questions you have.

Asking $359 + actual shipping to Jemsite members

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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