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Hey there,

It's a 1989, black, maple fretboard and has the gold lettered Lace Sensors. Sounds SICK good. Nut has a tiny piece broken out but I will include a new one uninstalled. I got some pics together before a string change and after cleaning it up a bit. Thought you may want to see. All the extras shown, about $70 worth) will be included as well. Pics: www.ericsguitars.com/1989FenderAmStdStrat

- Hardware is 10 out of 10
- neck is 9 out of 10
- frets are 8 out of 10 - lots of meat left
- fingerboard is a 9.5 out of 10
- body is 7.5 out of 10 - one small ding on the back, SLIGHT buckle rash and some finish scratches. It's 16 years old and black after all...
- case is 5 out of 10 - kinda smells like a cat slept in it and one hinge is missing.

Overall a VERY solid player and in great shape for the age if you consider the abuse these usually get and the fact that it's black.

I am looking for $600.00 shipped insured in the US. As always, I don't charge extra for PayPal. I would consider trades for an RG3120.

Please get in touch if you're interested. I was going to Bay it late this week otherwise. Please email directly. Thanks!

[email protected]
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