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Posted as a reseller with permission from Jemsite

Maybe some interest here, maybe not.... I am an Audix dealer so you get full warranty and invoice. Aquired for a buyer that backed out so I figure I'd give you guys basically what works out to cost plus expenses.

-= 6 Audix i5 mics $85.00ea.
-= 1 Audix D4 mic $150.00
-= 2 Audix D6 mic $165.00ea.
-= 1 Audix Micro-D mic $150.00

All prices include US shipping and PayPal fees.

TRADES: I would consider trading some or all for or toward a higher-end guitar like a: UV, Jem, RG7CT-CST, 2027, JC, RGT320-3120-3020, etc... just ask. Please email directly. Thanks!

[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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