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Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:

Original 1991 Ibanez PGM100. She's been played and that is evident in the wear it has, but the guitar still plays and sounds fantastic. All the hardware is in great condition.

The neck plate has the typical weird cracking on it that I've seen on many other originals, it still works completely fine and you can read the text still, but I figured it was worth mentioning A previous owner also took a sticker off the back of the body with a brillo pad :nuts: and it dulled the finish as you can see I was told by a luthier that you should just be able to sand it lightly and then buff it out and it'd look good as new. Otherwise, the face of the guitar is super clean and vibrant, which is what everyone sees anyway.


The PAF Pros have been swapped out for newer ones as the previous ones went microphonic. It was also sent to me without the truss rod cover and trem cavity cover.


Dickies gigbag included, as well as the trem bar.


Mesa, AZ

Contact Info:

PM here ;)

References Required:

Click here.


For trades, I'm looking for high gain amps only. Combos or heads, doesn't matter. Absolutely no guitar trades, unless you make it very worth my while, I don't need any more guitars, which is why I'm selling this.

Mainly looking for a Mesa Recto of some sort or a Mark III; also very interested in a Titan Custom, Engl Fireball, 5150 + Cash, or VHT Deliverance. Will consider just about anything though. Can add some cash or trades if its really worth it.

Will sell for $1000 Shipped OBO, with eCheck/Gift.


Click Here

Note: The signed backplate is not included unless you make the deal very interesting. Paul is my favorite guitarist, so I'd like to keep something from this. The non-signed backplate is still included ;)
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