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Posted as a reseller with permission from Jemsite

Both are in as perfect shape as you can get. They work perfectly and these have never left the studio. In fact, the FBV has been in it's box most of the time. Both come with all the cables and boxes and the Pod has all 3 model packs installed. Software on the Pod is also the latest version. I will also include the Line6 bag for the shortboard ($40 new). These are not the ones on my site currently.

Prices are:
- $550 shipped insured in the US for the PodXT Pro
- $210 shipped insured in the US for the FBV shortboard

OR buy both for $700 shipped insured in the US.

TRADES: I would like to trade +/- cash for any of the the folllowing: a Mesa TriAxis 2.0, and power amp like a Marshall 9100, 9200 an EL34 or Mesa 20/20, 2:50, 2:90, 2:100, or ?

Please get in touch ASAP directly via email. Thanks again!

[email protected]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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