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Right this is a Feeler! I'm not 100% sure I want to part with this guitar as a lot of time and money went into it >_<

It is a Tanglewood Stratocaster Nevada FST 32
22 frets
Maple Fretboard
Sanded headstock decal
3 single coil pick ups

I scalloped the whole fretboard myself and haven't got round to finishing it with Tru-oil but if I actually get a buyer and he wants me to finish it, then I will :) Also depends on the price ;)

The scallops are quite deep, as I played a Fender stratocaster that was scalloped not long ago and it had pretty deep scallops too, liked the feel of it so tried it myself on a copy :)

I'm looking for around £150, but feel free to negotiate, that's just to name a price :)

Otherwise, looking for trades for other guitars/amps/pedals or any other interesting equipment.




(Dog not for sale :p)
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