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FS: Telecaster

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[highlight]Item for sale:[/highlight] Torch Telecaster, "Vintage Series", circa 1989 (Made In Japan?)

[highlight]Description & Condition:[/highlight] A picture tells a thousand words. This guitar has been refinished a couple times, and currently sports a decidedly relic'ed appearance! But don't be fooled - it plays well.

[highlight]Asking Price:[/highlight] $125US

[highlight]My Location:[/highlight] Ontario, Canada

[highlight]Terms of Sale/Purchase:[/highlight] Payment via Paypal would be preferred, but am flexible. I have very little shipping experience so would be happy to work with you on this. Shipping at your cost.

[highlight]Other Information:[/highlight] All electronics were upgraded with Fender Squier parts. Tuners were recently replaced with Gotoh's. Includes a new gigbag. Selling because I just don't use it anymore. I have a stack of other guitars, and the wife is getting a bit fed up with them all. Please - save my marriage!

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$100 Us?
Whats the thickness at the 1st and 12th? How wide is the nut and at the 21st?

i really have no idea. and about the only thing i would have to measure it with would be my wife's sewing tape measure. there's very little info on the innaweb about torch guitars, even though i do remember a few of the kids playing them as budget guitars in the late 80's.

the point of this guitar is not so much "does-it-fit-my-usual-exacting-specifications" as "wow-what-a-funky-beat-up-gitbox-for-such-a-low-price". i'm not going to lie to you: this will never be your main guitar! it'd make a great project, though, or simply a good beater. replace the nut... install your fav pickups...
I'm more after the neck then the rest of it lol. Just wondering if it will fit my current project which is a strat copy body. Would a telecaster style neck fit it?
typically, a tele neck has a different shape at the heel end than a strat (tele's are flat while strat's have a curve). mind you, both can be made to fit. i am not guaranteeing this necks suitability, though.

in anticipation of mod-ular intervention, it would probably be best to discuss these things via pm/email.
just to prove that it does play, check out this little sample i put together just now:

telecaster sample

(right click and save)
Looks like a fun beater to me actually. Fun fun fun!
lock it up and throw away the key. it's off to the 'bay!
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