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I've only had this amp for a few weeks, but since then I've bought a laney, and that suits my needs even better, so this has to go.

This is a seriously sorted little amplifier which is capable of taking just about every valve combination under the sun without re-biasing. The power stage provides a maximum of 15 watts RMS (depending on the power valve you have in there) but it's loud enough for small pub gigs. It can drive 2,4,8 and 16 ohm cabs.
As we all know the way to get a valve amp really sounding good is to turn it up - not a problem with this, as it has a built in hotplate power attenuator. You can get the valves cooking without going deaf.
The amp also has a built in dummy load which is automatically used if a speaker cab is not plugged in, this allows you to record direct to desk or to use the univalve as a preamp and run it to say a 100watt power amp for bigger gigs.

RRP on this amp is £850, and I plan to list it on **** soonish, if it doesnt sell here for £500 BIN - forum price is £450 plus postage (which will be no more than £30 fully insured and well packaged)
It'll come with a nice selection of valves to get you started

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