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FS: Tony MacAlpine's Carvin T-MAC VI

Hey folks,

Mikey here from Vai.com.

I also manage Tony MacAlpine. Tony is selling two of his guitars (see my other FS post for the other.)

This one is his Carvin T-Mac VI 6-string.

Tony has used and owned this guitar for years, and it has appeared on both G3 Denver and G3 Tokyo DVDs, along with the Crossroads Guitar Festival DVD. It's been Tony's road guitar for tours since 2001 with Vai, CAB, Michel Polnareff, and Devil's Slingshot. Tony has played this guitar in front of hundreds of thousands of people.

The guitar is a TMAC6C - based on the Carvin DC127 - with Tony's signature touches: A Floyd Rose tremolo with no locking nut and sperzel tuners, and the headstock is adorned with Tony's signature "TMACVI" logo. The active electronics are upgraded with Tony's push-pull volume pot that lowers the volume of the guitar, so that when you're in distortion mode, you can pull out the knob to clean up the signal. This feature is only available on TMAC signature guitars.

Neck-thru alder body, blue sunburst over quilted maple. Comes in a case.

Guitar is in great condition, with some paint chipping on the back of the guitar by the electronics cavity. There is also a chip on the headstock. Apart from some other light finish scratches, this guitar is in incredibly good shape for a touring guitar.

Tony is upgrading his home studio and is selling this axe to cover the costs of some new gear.

Tony is happy to sign the axe for the buyer. We can also provide a photo of Tony with the guitar, along with a letter of authenticity signed by Tony.

Attached are some quick photos. Will add video stills of Tony with the guitar also.

This guitar will go on the 'bay on Sunday the 19th - but can be had before that for $4000 plus insured shipping. We may consider a combo deal with the 7-string that we're also selling. PM me for details.

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