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I have two (2) Atomic Reactor Amps that use a docking station for various modelers. I believe these are the 18W versions.

I currently have one (1) POD 2.0/PODxt in one amp and the other has none, so this would/could be used in a stereo setup.

Amps have great reviews for modelers combining tube power with modern modeler preamps.

Main amp has new JJ power tubes, second one I haven't gotten to yet. Second amp may need some canned air - you can hear the cooling fan running.

I can include both a POD 2.0 and/or PODxt - which would also come with their respective longboard foot pedals.

Local pickup preferred, but willing to ship ConUS Only.

$650+Shipping with PODs and Footboards or $450+Shipping for both amps.

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