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FS: two rg565's

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Item for sale:Two rg565's one black, one blue...

Description & Condition:The black rg565 has emg81 and sa pup's, the headstock is not reversed on this one, it has your typical edge dings that have been touched up and a circlular clear coat crack by the neck pup, edge trem, maple neck and board, action is perfect. It is your average players guitar 100% functional. The blue one is a little nicer and more rare, I think these were only made for one year, it however does not have the emgs if your into that. it has a v8 bridge and a seymore duncun neck. It has a few edge dings, two minor clear coat dimples on top, back is good, neck is maple on maple with matching blue dots. This guitar is in good shape and 100% functional. Black rg565-$375, blue rg565-$425 plus shipping. I am looking for a usa malmsteen or a Ibanez Jem, so these must go.. consider trades for both. email for pics only if seriously interested please. CU Tim..

Asking Price: black 565-$375, blue 565-$425 plus shipping

My Location:Bradenton Fl. 34205

Terms of Sale/Purchase:money order, add 3% if using paypal.

Other Information: [email protected]
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ok, would like to blow these out quick! how about the black one for $300 and the blue 565 for $350.
Damn, I don't get paid until friday or I'd definitely want to check out that blue one for $350. But if you don't mind waiting until then, please PM me with pictures.
both still avail. black one $275 blue $325..
there is a link for pics 7th post down... thanks
is there any chance you could get more clear detailed pics? i'm very interested in the blue one but it's a bit hard to see the details of the chips and wear etc in the blurry pics. if you can get some please e-mail me at [email protected] also, can you please e-mail me with a total price for the blue one shipped to NY zip 11709 with the paypal fee you are asking. thanks.

i live in Gainesville - PM me or [email protected]
both are spoken for, lock it up please...thanks
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