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cant believe im doing this but unfortunately its out of necessity.

its a brand new 2012 model (obviously seeing as it a JP12 :p)

comes in cherry sugar (only colour available for JP12's) really hard finish to capture because of the sparkles

mint condition.

its a BFR so its top of the range with BFR spec except for the recent, including 2012, changes petrucci made:

- basswood body
- ebony fretboard
- stainless steel frets
- 20" radius
- thinner neck
- coil tap

not so new features:

- piezo
- floating trem
- locking tuners
- maple top
- mahogany tone block
- dimarzio crunchlab and liquifire pickups

freshly set up to my spec in the last week.
does have a tremol-no installed, which will cost you an extra £25 if you want it to stay on.

£2500 new on most sites
looking for £2200, but im open to sensible offers

UK only. much prefer cash on collection because id be nervous posting such an expensive guitar, plus insurance for this value guitar is really expensive.

PM me for pictures via email

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