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Hi guys Im trying to sell my LTD m-1000 this is the first type which is plain black and has a genuine ofr and black hardware, i've cleaned this up frets were very dirty, and conditioned the board with bore oil so it's really nourished.

Plays well with a low action and comfortable profile which is extra thin U, which is thin but comfortable, backplate of bridge is missing, but it plays very well.

looking for £415 posted and paypalled in an ltd hardcase...will accept better offers if you come and collect, I can easily travel to cardiff but shippings not a problem, you cna also arrange that yourself.

Now the RG, it's a beautiful 550 in sangria red, it has a few dings and scratches, a couple near the lower bout, on by the bridge and one on the upper horn, it does have along scratch on the back, but that can probably be buffed out...

I would like to sell it whole as it's a real nice player, however it's probably easier for me to part it out, so ill be selling everything seperately.

Cosmo original edge, in perfect condition will include the bridge and the spring lockdown bar/screws.. £168 posted special delivery, I can post it 1st class recorded for less

Studs/anchors, this are in pretty good condition the anchors are unused as I used the stock anchors.

Neck without hardware, neck only it wont have any hardware. £180 shipped frets have plenty fo life in them they have been crowned and levelled when the tech installed the pickups

Pickguard and truss cover which are mirror red made by redzline an excellent qulaity guard adn matching truss rod cover £45.

I also have a glow in the dark guard from jeannies guards £35 posted

Cosmo locking nut £40 with retaining bar and screws, this is in perfect condition it's rear mounted

Powder cosmo rear mount nut £36 posted 1st class recorded comes with the two mounting screws that go through the neck and the retaining bar but its missing a few washers, in great condition, pads are still good..

Dimarzio Crunch lab bridge F spaced red/black black poles. £68 1st class recorded should be a fiar bit of wire left but enough to reach the bridge..

HS-3 middle red £55 1st class recorded

Liquifire neck red/black with nickel poles, £68 1st class recorded.

I can bundle the pickups or sell the pickguard as a set, its wired with a one meg cts volume 500k tone.

Im keeping the gotoh tuners but selling everything else the body will come with the anchors and output jack, everything will be packed well..

If you would like the RG outright I can also ship it or you can collect decent offers only please I have 100% feedback on you know where as a buyer and seller, I try to answer questions quickly.

I will put up a link to my pics when I get some better more upto date ones, I will try to get that sorted by tomorrow...
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