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OK, I picked this up a while back, and it is a really cool cab, and looks really cool with the VHT UL on top of it, but to be honest, I bought two Orange cabs earlier on in the year, and love them, love the sound of them, so am letting this go. I also bought it as an experiment, so wasn't planning on keeping it unless it blew the orange cabs out of the water. Given a choice between selling the really cool Orange stack, and selling this, well, no competition really...

Cab is a bit natty in some places, but is about 8 or 10 years old so understandable. Just a few rips in the tolex here and there, nothing large, all very small.

Front loaded speakers, the grille is attached with velcro for easy access to them as well, and it's also the reason i tried it out, as front loaded v30's sounded amazing with the diezel herbert, however, I still dearly love my celestion 85's, plus, I really am overdoing it with 4 cabs in my front room at the moment, even if it does look awesome...

Here's a quick picture, can take more on request (Obviously it's just the cab, I am not selling the head):

Location: London, UK
Price: 400£
****: 7dyingtrees

Buyer to pay shipping, but it is a cab, and therefore heavy, even if it does have castors... To be honest, local pickup preferred, but can deliver for some petrol money and within a reasonable driving distance.
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