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fs video's and tab books

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Item for sale: video's and tab books

Description & Condition:
3 dvd's black label society boozed broozed & broken boned Metallica Cliff'em all & some kind of monster 3 vhs REH video's George Lynch REH and george Lynch guitar bible also Frank Gambale chop builders with tab booklets,tab books are System of a down Toxicity, Metallica master of puppets, Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads tribute and the song book, Black Sabbath anthology also have John Petrucci rock discipline vhs but its missing the booklet
Asking Price: $75.00 shipped for all in the US

My Location: Oklahoma

Terms of Sale/Purchase: paypal cashiers check money order

Other Information: all sales final video's guaranteed no D.O.A
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will sell dvd's as a set of 3, $25.00 shipped instructional video's will sell as a set of 4, with tab booklets $40.00 shipped thats cheaper than buying just 1 new and these are near new tab books $13.00 on system of a down shipped will sell the Ozzy and sabbath books as a set of 3 for 15.00 shipped The metallica master of puppets $9.00 shipped if Items dont sell as a set I may seperate
frank Gambale vhs on hold for site member will be selling the rest of the instructional video's for $15.00 shipped in the US will do a set deal on both George Lynch video's for 25.00 shipped dvd's $10.00 shippedtab book's $10.00 a piece shipped
Gambale video sold Thanks Adam price chane now all instructional video's 11.00 shipped dvd's 10.00 shipped
I have also found the tab booklet to the John Petrucci video I will sale both together video and booklet for 15.00 shipped they are like brand new most helpful instructional video out at the moment
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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