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Hi guys,

I am in need of money, so I decided to part with these...

here they are - sorry i don't have any pictures but I could prepare some upon request.

Led Zeppelin I -first print and extremely rare. London. (the middle contains turquiose and red colors whereas other prints had green and red.) Some shelf wear on sleeve but LP is just great.

Eric Clapton Backless - I don't like this guy but i bought this anyway. i still don't understand why I boguht it

Primus - Pork Soda Really good bassist LP and slave are in really good condition.

Primus - Sailing The Seas of Cheese This is their best i think. very good condition.

Now comes the EPs:

Hendrix - The Burning of the Midnight Lamp, printed in Turkey. This one does not have sleeve but I made a decent sleeve myself

hendrix - No Such Animal I don't have the sleeve for this one but I have made a decent sleeve for it myself

hendrix the wind cries mary printed in France. Same as the other EPs :)

There may be some others for sale but for now these are the ones waiting to be sold.

Buyer pays actual shipping costs. and of course it has to ship worldwide given that there are really little amount of collectors here.

btw, i'm from turkey Ankara...

either PM me or send emails to [email protected].

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Well, yes and that's because I don't want to scare people away by posting outrageous prices. Honestly I do not have any idea about the prices. I know the Zeppelin vinyl is rare but I do not know how to post a price about it... I hope you understand (Rob and the Jemsite community)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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