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FS: Vox Valvetronix AD120VTX W/ VC12!

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Up for sale I have a like new Vox top of the line Valvetronix AD120VTX 2X12 Combo with the Celestion Neodog speakers (basically vintage century's). Also offered is the top of the line Foot Controller, the VC12 (and vox carry bag). Includes manual and custom made amp cover.

In my opinion this is the best amp modeller out there (and I am keeping an AD50VT in my possession for cheap thrills). Models are:

1. Black 2 x 12 (Fender)
2. Tweed 1 x 12 (Fender)
3. Tweed 4 x 10 (Fender)
4. AC15 (Vox)
5. AC15TB (Vox)
6. AC30 (Vox)
7. AC30TB (Vox)
8. UK Blues (Marshall)
9. UK '70's (Marshal)
10. UK '80's (Marshall JCM800)
11. UK '90's (Marshall JCM900)
12. UK Modern (Marshall DSL)
13.Recto (Mesa)
14. US High Gain (Soldano SLO 100)
15. Boutique OD (Dumble)
16. Boutique Clean (Dumble)

To round it off, the AD120VTX includes various pedal modules that are run in front of the signal chain prior to the preamp. The 10 different pedals include Compressor, Acoustic Simulation, VOX Wah, Auto Wah, U-Vibe, Octave Divider, Treble Boost, Tube Overdrive (Tubescreamer), Fat Overdrive and Fuzz. And of course the usual chorus, flange, delay, and reverb.

Ultra cool 4 position power switch... 1 watt X 2, 15 watts X 2, 30 watts X 2, & 60 watts X 2. Perfect for dialing in the right amout of "air" depending on the gig (or your living room size).

Condition is a 9 on a scale from 1-10.

Price: Sells EVERYWHERE for $1,199 plus shipping or tax for just the 2X12 and $279 for just the VC12. The cover was $60+. That's over $1,500. You can have this session/gig masterpiece for $1,000 plus actual shipping for all or $875 for the combo and cover/$225 for the VC12.

If paying via paypal, we split the fees

Other Information: Selling due to G.A.S. (why else!?!). I have purchased over $4K worth of gear so far this year... the madness has got to stop and I have to get some money back. Contact me at [email protected]

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Bump... price reduced to $900 shipped anywhere in the continental US!
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