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Up for sale or trade is my virtually mint condition, 2009 Edwards Les Paul Custom copy.

VERY little play time due to the fact that I prefer guitars with thinner necks, and this one is rather fat (I'd call it close to a Gibson '59 - fatter than the newer Gibson 60's style but not quite as thick as the fattest '50s). The factory stickers are still on the pickups and the plastic film is still on the electronics covers!

Visually she's a STUNNER. The overall attention to detail on this guitar is just awesome.

Now to the really important part: This guitar just SCREAMS. It's a hard rock MONSTER with a BEEFY tone and TONS of bite, growl, and sustain when plugged in. Beautiful clean tones as well. It also has an crazy loud acoustic sound (like incredible, seriously, it's kind of nutty how resonant it is).

Alpine white that is just beginning to show some signs of aging to a classy vintage cream color.

* Mahogany body - No chambering or weight relief to my knowledge and the guitar weighs in around 9.3 lbs if my postal scale isn't wacky.
* Maple top
* Binding on the front and back of the body
* 22 fret neck, 24.75 in scale
* Bound Ebony fretboard
* Bound open-book Gibson style headstock
* Black multi-ply pickguard
* Gold hardware
* High quality gold Gotoh tulip style tuners (great tuners!)
* Gold Seymour Duncan JB in the bridge and Seymour Duncan '59 in the neck.
* These guitars also come from the factory with a bone nut

$825 shipped and paypal'd to US buyers, will ship to Canada as well but buyer pays all shipping and handling costs and we'll need to discuss specifics about shipping method.

Trades entertained for quality US/MIJ guitars or quality high gain amps in the $800+ used resale range. I can add cash and/or other gear on my end for the right deal.

Particularly interested in the following gear:
- Gibson Les Pauls with the thinnest possible neck profile possible (60's slim-taper or thinner) like an early 90's LP Classic or a 70's/80's LP deluxe that's been routed for humbuckers.
- USA Washburn Dime guitars
- Ibanez American Masters
- Friedman Pink Taco or Splawn Quickrod amplifiers

Feel free to make other offers

I'm fine with a player's guitar that shows some physical wear and character as long as the neck is straight, the frets are good, and the electronics don't have issues.

I'm also interested in quality high gain amps, and would consider trading the guitar plus cash for something like a Splawn Quickrod or Friedman Pink Taco.

Full album of hi-res images here
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