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I love this guitar but I want to get back into playing a 6.

Looking to possibly trade this beauty of an RG7620 towards a nice 6 string guitar. Depending on the guitar, might have to add some cash from my side or your side.

- White evolution 7
- White blaze neck 7
- 3 way dimarzio switch
- JPM Style wiring
- Custom RG7620 pickguard (black/white/black)

Pictures of the Guitar

Comes with a UV1000c case and 10-72 Strings tuned to B.

Possible trades include: (should have trem: OFR or kahler, dual hums)
Ibanez S2020xv (piezo model)
Ibanez RG2020x (piezo model)
ESP Horizon, MI, MII (floyd models)
Jackson Soloist
Ibanez RGxxxx (too many models to list)

Anything in a super strat shape with a trem not listed on here send me a PM.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.