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Well I am really sad that it had to come down to this but I am finding the string height of a non-recessed TOM is too much for me to get used to. My right hand is having fatigue issues and I am as comfortable lifting my hand off the body to play it as I thought I would be. I guess non-recessed TOMs aren't for me.

Condition wise its fine and its been definitely taken care off. Might have a few swirl marks but no dings, scratches etc.

Here are the specs of the guitar:

- Reverse 7 Inline Headstock (black)
- 7 Schaller Mini Locking Tuners (7th one drilled out for up to .80 string)
- 27" Scale (Baritone scale length)
- Blank Maple fretboard with only side dots
- Jumbo frets
- Maple Neck thru with Mahogany wings
- Flamed Maple cap
- Trans black finish on the entire guitar
- Dimarzio DS7 and Custom wound neck pup (from a JP7 BFR)
- 3 way mini toggle, 1 volume, 1 push-pull tone pot for coil tapping
- Arched top body
- Tone-pros Tune-o-Matic bridge (locks unlike other TOMs)
- Baritone case from Agile

It has never left my place since I got it.

Pictures from the previous owner

Pictures - from when i got it

Pictures - from this week

^ I was experimenting with binding tape -its gone now. Also one tuner+string is missing because its out being drilled out for larger strings. Before it had a limit of 56 before you had to unwind - now I believe its .80 :metal:


The guitars I would like to trade for are :

- Ibanez RG1077xl / 2077xl
- Ibanez K7 (blue one)
- Ibanez RG7620 + cash

Thanks for looking :wavey:
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