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ft Fender cyber deluxe

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Item for sale:
Fender cyber deluxe
Description & Condition:
it's about a year old and has not seen much playing time was on here previously but the member I was going to trade with scored one it has a 4 button foot switch to prepare for trade it was sent to a fender repair center to make sure everything is A ok it is getting a brand new mother board comes with a transferable warranty also

My Location: Oklahoma

Terms of Sale/Purchase:

Other Information: Its a awsome amp settings and data can be transferred from amp to CPU I am looking for a Iceman or prestige model rg
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still looking to trade perhaps sell for reasonable offer
will sell for 335.00 shipped in the US they also make a cakewalk software so you can edit and record at home on your own cpu this amp blows away the line6 spider x's 2
price dropped 300.00 shipped absolute lowest price you will find shipped
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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