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for your consideration......

Im looking to TRADE a very nice Ibanez K7 in Firespeak Blue. The guitar has Dimarzio's pickups installed. The trem has a Brass block and brass clamp installed. The control cavity has copper shielding on it. The guitar has the original Korn U-Bar. Ships in a Ibanez Uv case.

This guitar is in excellent condition , with a few small dings. This guitar is rather rare these day and this one is in excellent shape with very little fret wear . This guitar is one of my favorites but as you guys know to get something you sometimes must give something up.

Im ONLY LOOKING for a 98/99 IBANEZ RG7620 VAMPIRE KISS thats in GREAT to MINT condition preferably with the ORIGINAL hardware and a HARDSHELL case.

-ALEX :devil:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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