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Brief & Accurate Description: MINT condition Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 7 String in Walnut Burst

Mahogany Neck w/ Rosewood Fretboard (Yes, its painted - NO its not slow as a mountain - this is JP's sig, after all)
Alder Body w/ Mahogany Tone Block from the bridge to the neck pocket
Highly Figured Quilted Maple Cap
Fully Floating Trem with Piezo System (These are THE best trems, in my opinion)
Schaller M6-IND Locking Tuners with Pearl Buttons (find better tuners and I'll give you a hamster)
Crunchlab in the bridge, Liquifire in the neck
Walnut Burst finish (Discontinued Color - these are already hard to get - it will only get worse)

If you've played a BFR before, I hit your most well protected GAS button and you're already scheming to get this from me in what ever way is possible. If you haven't, but have played a standard JP signature model, you've been wanting to try one of these bad enough that you're scheming just that same. If you don't fit into one of those categories, do yourself a favor and do what it takes to change that.

This is the 2nd best guitar I've ever played/heard - number one being the BFR Baritone JP6 I used to have (I simply prefer 6 strings these days, and baritone scales to boot).

The tone is unmatched - the combination of woods and construction, along with the perfect pickups for this particular guitar, create a tone that is so rich, clear, bold and beautiful that I'm pretty sure my first few custom builds are going to follow suit. This will honestly cover a range from the most mellow, rich clean tones to the heaviest, most brutal death metal tones, with everything in between. Most companies make the same claim about their guitars, but EBMM knows their guitars speak for themselves, and this is just my honest description. Additionally, the fact that the piezo/bridge is built directly into the Mahogany tone block means that you can dial in fantastic, 100% usable acoustic tones. I've had nothing but problems with piezos in the past, but these guitars have eased that frustration.

As far as feel is concerned, you're simply going to have one hell of a time trying to beat this one. Its a much different feel than the lightning fast, gun-stock oiled standard JP's, but make no mistake: the painted neck is NOT sticky and slow on these. In fact, its quite fast. If I knew how they accomplished this, I'd share (the website says its a high gloss polyester), but all I can say is that this is the most playable painted neck I've played to date.

The action is set damn low, and even with medium-tension strings and my incredibly heavy picking hand I have no buzzing going on.

The fretwork is the 3rd best I've played - 1st being Parker, 2nd being Ibanez J-Customs. That's saying a lot, however, as the other two are outrageous and out of this world.

The guitar has a really nice weight - probably more than 9 pounds, but I'm just guessing as I haven't actually weighed it. As I've said, it simply growls, sings, and responds in a way that you'll only understand after you've spent time with it.

Modifications: None

Accessories: Hardshell case, tools, trem arm, case candy

Location: Mount Pleasant, PA

Contact Info: PM me

References: I have tons from SevenString.org, Harmony-Central, rig-talk, Jemsite, bmusic, the Gear Page, etc.

Price: I'm looking for trades.

Things I like are:

Ibanez Prestige and J-Custom
Gibson (some - I'm picky though)

...but I'm open to all ideas - I'm very easily pleased. I'm willing to add or take cash depending on the deal.


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