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Item for sale:
OK- a little unorthodox, but many of us have more than one hobby, so here goes... i have a FULL set of Nike golf clubs in excellent condition. These are the Nike Pro Combo irons (3-PW) with a Stiff Graphite Fujikura shaft. Also, the Nike 460cc Ignite Driver (Stiff) and the T60 Ignite 3 and 5 woods (Stiff). Also is the Nike OZ putter and the Tiger Woods 56* and 60* Wedges. All of this in a new Nike Air Tour Stand bag. All of these clubs have less than two full rounds on them! No rock or sole marks at all. The driver has slight wear from driving range use, but is easily in great shape. Some of the other clubs have been hit maaybe once. I love the look and feel, but do not have the time to devote to the game right now, and these guys are just going to waste in my closet!

I'm looking to trade fro an amp, preferably a Line 6 (Vetta, Flextopne series) but am open to Marshall, Fender or Mesa type things too. Definately a combo, though- I don't have room for anything too big (the baby's toys take up too much room)!

My Location: Rochester, NY

Terms of Sale/Purchase:

Other Information: Feel free to send me a personal message or email at [email protected]. I am taking pics on the next day or two if anyone is interested.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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