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Brief & Accurate Description: PRS Custom 24 Artist - 9.3/10 condition

Custom 24 Artist Package
Shipped 12/27/2006
Figured Maple Artist Grade Top
Mahogany Wide/Thin Neck
Brazilian Rosewood Fretboard
Paua Bird Inlay
PRS Tremolo Bridge
Black Cherry
Gold Hardware
HFS Treble/Vintage Bass Pickups
5 Way Rotary Selector

Everything on it is still original except the switch - the 5-way Rotary is in the case but a 3 way switch was installed, so you get both.

This is the most amazing looking PRS I've owned yet - the pictures below did absolutely nothing to capture it but I did my best. The top is magnificent. Playability-wise, this thing absolutely kills it and it sounds beautiful. The Brazzy fretboard feels like glass - smoother than ebony.

There's only two to four minor flaws - the two most obvious ones are clear coat chips on the "binding" - since the binding is 'natural', you really can't see them at all unless you look for them. I have pictures in any case. Otherwise there's just one little tiny pinhead sized impression on the top, and maybe one other light surface scratch.

Modifications: 3-way switch insalled - 5-way rotary is still included

Accessories: Hardshell case and case candy

Location: Mount Pleasant, PA

Contact Info: PM me or: [email protected]

References: I have tons from SevenString.org, Harmony-Central, rig-talk, Jemsite, bmusic, the Gear Page, etc.

Price: $2500 if I had to sell it, but I'm looking to trade it. I'm open to all sorts of things - guitars mostly, possibly amps, keyboards, other things. I like everything so don't be shy.


The pictures didn't even come close to capturing the top or the color. Both are AMAZING. Click the link below if you want more pictures - there's a lot of them.

http://s626.photobucket.com/albums/tt346/AdamOfAngels/Custom 24 Artist/
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