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Brief & Accurate Description of guitar: PRS Custom 22 - Flame Maple top in Whale Blue - Trem & Locking Tuners (Chrome Finish) - Beeeeautiful Condition!!! (No finish chips)
Modifications: None - 100% Stock and Unmolested (Non-stock tuner buttons in pics have now been replaced with the originals!)
Accessories: Original Locking PRS Hardcase, Tremolo Arm, TR Adjusting Tool, PRS Paperwork & Leaflets.
Location: South Wales, UK
International OK ?: UK Preferred & Given Priority but would consider European also for right trade and a reputable trader with References & Feedback
Contact Info: PM/Message Me here please
References: Good Feedback here (recent) & also on Sevenstring.org - 100% Positive eBay Feedback also (Username is 'wandercat')

Price:Looking to TRADE for one of the following guitars please;

IBANEZ - Higher End RG's (Edge & LoPro Edge era) J-Customs (JCRG2 Blue Neck-Thru), American Masters, USA Customs, UV7PWH, RGD2127 or RGD2120 etc. etc...
EBMM Musicman - Petrucci JP6 or JP7
ESP (No LTD's!!!) - Horizons, SC/Stef Carpenter's (6 or 7)
JACKSON - PC1's & other USA models
CAPARISON - Dellingers, HGS Horus (Ebony F.Board)
PARKER - Fly Classic, Mojo (any of the Mahogany US Fly models), Fly Stealth

I'm looking to trade my beautiful PRS Custom 22 for one of the guitars listed above (or similar models of same value). It's a beautiful guitar that's in fantastic condition and if you're looking for a nice PRS Custom 22 you won't go far wrong with this one.
Many pictures in the link below!
There's some taken against a light background and some against a dark background as the colour tends to look different against both. I have even more pics! If you need them just ask.:wink:

http://smg.beta.photobucket.com/user/JTM45/library/2002 PRS Custom 22 Whale-Blue Pics -- Album 1

Thanks for looking!!! 8)

Just a quick update on some of the specs of the guitar.
I emailed PRS and they gave me a complete and exact breakdown of the information contained within the barcode. I had a few details wrong (like the colour for one!......doh!!!).
Here's a complete spec list as detailed by PRS;

The barcode reads: 63532 CUM2F-HFIBT-RB-ND-D5

63532 is the Serial Number
CU means it's a CUSTOM Model
M means the top wood on the body is MAPLE
2 means it's a 22 FRET model
F means the Maple top is FIGURED
- means it's a non 10 Top
H means the neck is made from MAHOGANY
F means the neck Carve/Profile is WIDE FAT
I means the Fretboard is INDIAN ROSEWOOD
B means it has the Abalone BIRDS Fret Inlays
T means the Bridge is a TREMOLO type
RB means the Colour is actually a ROYAL BLUE WRAP finish (meaning the entire body is coloured Royal Blue and has no Scraped 'binding') and not Whale Blue as i had previously thought!
N means it has NICKEL Hardware
D means the Bridge Pickup is a DRAGON 2 model
- means it has NO middle pickup
D means the Neck Pickup is a DRAGON 2 model
5 means it's got the 5-WAY ROTARY Pickup Selector

So all the time i had every bit of info on the guitar listed on a barcode sticker on the end of the case. Who knew eh!!!? (not me, obviously!) :lol:
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