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Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Early 90's Rivera Knucklehead K-100 in 7/10 condition

I won't beat around the bush - calling this mint would be a lie. However, for its age, and considering that its been used quite a bit, its in fantastic condition. Don't get the impression that its beat to hell, because its not. Just well loved. Its in perfect working condition, which is what matters. Cosmetically, it has very few scuffs in the toltex, no rips, but a lot of the hardware has some rust or oxidation on it. I seriously think it looks awesome because of the rust, but in any case, its no more severe than the pictures let on. The absolute worst of the cosmetic aging is on the corner pieces, one of which was scratched up pretty good. Granted that the point of these corner pieces is to take the blunt end of a bump, I'd say its not so bad. If you get this, you're getting an amazing amp that has been used but taken care of.

How does it sound? AWESOME. I had the pleasure of playing this through a VHT Deliverance 4x12 (which I also have up for grabs) which gave me a very good impression as to how it sounds. The gain channel is not as brutal or extreme as its K-Tre and KR-7 counterparts, but it has more than enough gain for my tastes, and that basically means that its brutal. VERY tight and clear low end - this is an excellent amp for low tunings, and higher tunings sound that much better as well. The clean channel is a true Fender clean - for those unaware, Mr. Paul Rivera used to do amp work for Fender back in the day. It, of course, sounds absolutely amazing. I'm a total whore for clean tones and this amp doesn't even begin to disappoint in that regard.

I can't say how old the tubes are in this amp, but they sound as if they haven't been used much - no issues here.

Modifications: None

Accessories: Power cord

Location: Mount Pleasant, PA

Contact Info: PM me, or if you're simply browsing: [email protected]

References Required: Lots through SS.org, Harmony-Central, Jemsite, rig-talk, and bmusic.

Price: Looks for trades - mostly guitars, but maybe some amps or other things. Just offer whatever you have, really.


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